All items will have an image, of which, many will be generic. Higher priced stamps (usually above $10) should have the actual image. Higher valued ones with multiple choices will display multiple images. Just let me know which one that you desire!

The images main purpose is to identify it to those who are not using the same catalog that we do. It is not to show the actual stamp that you would receive and therefore is not of much use if looking for a certain cancel.

Some of the older images are of low quality and are being replaced as time permits. My apologies, but at the time of their creation, web space was at a premium.

As previously stated, except for the higher valued ones, the one pictured probably will not be the one that you would receive. This is a time/cost reduction option that allows me to offer these great prices, and is one reason for the no-quibble refund policy.

The images should have a watermark (at the lower edge of the stamp). This is to deter image pirates and to also provide a little free advertising if the images are borrowed.
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