Store Pricing

Values are from the 2016 Scott Catalog whenever possible. Anything not listed there will have an estimated value based on items found on other sites. Catalog numbers higher than those listed in my catalog are obtained from a reliable source, which unfortunately, does not include their values.

With the exception of a few high value classic stamps, the discount for used is as follows:

  • 50% for values up to $2.50
  • 55% for values up to $5.00
  • 60% for values up to $7.50
  • 65% for values up to $10.00
  • 70% for values up to $25.00
  • 75% for values over $25.00

The discount for mint items will be 50% and MNH ones will be discounted from 40 to 50%, depending on our cost.
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